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My Portfolio

Listed in order of year painted. 

Contemporary Abstract Paintings by Stuart Beck

Original paintings for private sale or to complement home and commercial interior design projects.

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Guest Spots and Events

If you are interested in keeping track of places where my art can be seen live, please do subscribe for updates at the bottom of this page. You will not be bombarded with numerous emails, just notifications of events or other opportunities to see my work, new additions to my portfolio and press coverage.

Grey Limbo

ART in the BARN - St Albans:  September 22nd - 24th 2023

Opening night - Fri 22nd Sept 7pm - 10pm   RSVP:

Grey Limbo

Artist Talk Magazine - November Edition 2022

Grey Limbo

Cluster Contemporary 2022 | Oxo Tower London - 3rd to 6th November 2022

Grey Limbo

Devonshire Square (DSQ)  | Opening Exhibition Pop-Up Art show - March 2022

Grey Limbo

Collective Gallery Art Project Space | St Albans City Art Project - September 2021 

Grey Limbo

Collective Gallery Art Project Space | St Albans - 25th to 8th July 2021

Grey Limbo

The Flux Review Magazine | 2nd Edition - 2020

Grey Limbo

Paintings on Tour | Little Van Gogh Corporate art tour, UK - March 2020 Onwards

Grey Limbo

New Artist Fair | Truman Brewery. London, UK - September 2019

Grey Limbo

Solo Exhibition | Nude Tin Can Gallery, UK - April 2019

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About Me

My interest in painting began early in life under the tuition of my late father, continuing to develop naturally over time. I have been fortunate to have had many years of world travel experiences and always held a great appreciation for nature, having lived near the Peak District and the Lake District for periods of my life.  I am also a keen interiors enthusiast with a particular liking for the modern rustic and contemporary urban styles. These represent important aspects that prominently influence my abstract art today.

As a practical person, creating a piece of art inspires me to focus my effort to present artwork that will be enjoyed and appreciated by others as well as the sense of personal fulfilment I gain from the experience.  My own creative process is to freely explore texture, colour and form without a definitive vision for the end result. This element of freedom is the hardest discipline to maintain, yet is a crucial part of the process.  The early seeds of an idea will include the colours and a loose style for the painting. The creative development then ebbs and flows until there is a natural sense that the work is complete. I take time

during periods of the work to reflect on the possibilities for what comes next and what the final outcome may be.  Some of my paintings are purely explorational and others are driven by personal feelings about life and the world around me. There is always a great concentration to remain dedicated to producing my own original abstract work. 


I like to work closely with private or commercial clients to provide commission based abstract paintings or pieces from my portfolio that can be purchased directly from me. 


There is something bold and personal to owning an original piece of art. Texture, colour and placement add to the interest of a space, whether at home, office or any other establishment. It is always a pleasure to be asked to produce a personal piece of art for a client.




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