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Should I commission a painting?

Commissioning an abstract artwork is a great approach when you have any specific criteria in mind. It may simply be a size requirement or you have a preference for a particular style of my work and want something similar.  A commissioned piece enables me to tailor your requirements to the best of my ability.  

"Beck’s approach to commissions is an art in itself. The dialogue and interaction with clients become an integral part of the creative process. He doesn’t predict how a painting will evolve, but he believes that the early discussions with the client contribute significantly to the final result. This personalised approach adds depth and emotion to his artwork, making it more than just paint on canvas—it becomes a shared experience between the artist and the client."

My purpose is always to provide an original, contemporary painting and through the creative process I follow, there is always an element of the unknown in the concluding appearance of every abstract painting. This is the essence of what makes any of my abstract paintings appealing to my audience and the very process that I have to go through in order to complete a painting.  Commissioning a painting is to embrace the process with optimism, embarked upon by both parties with an element of good faith.  I will not present an artwork that I am not completely happy with, nor conclude any transaction without complete satisfaction on your behalf. 

All sales will include a receipt of purchase and a certificate of authentication for each painting.

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Is a commissioned painting more expensive?

I do not differentiate in price between work that I produce as part of my portfolio or commissioned pieces, although I do prioritise my time towards commissions. A commission is purely aimed towards customers that may have specific ideas and size or other requirements.

All prices are primarily based around time taken and materials. Additional delivery costs will be calculated at the point of purchase.

What is the process?

The process is very straight forward. The important part is for you to have some ideas set out in mind at the beginning. 


Firstly, I like to learn about your requirements. This is not obligatory on your behalf, but it clearly will help to guide me. It is worth taking some time to consider the space where you intend to display the painting and visualise the impact you intend for the painting to have. For example, is the intention to blend with the surroundings or boldly contrast? I have included some questions for you to consider below as a guide:

  • The intention for the painting in context with the surroundings

  • The size required

  • Is there any particular preference for the style of the painting, having viewed my portfolio

  • Do you have any colour preferences 

  • Do you intend to frame the finished painting

  • If it is not framed, you may or may not wish to have a small white border around the front for example or a colour around the outer edge.

  • Is there a specific time frame for completion

Do not be concerned if you if you are unsure of anything. You are helping me to get a feel for things that are applicable to you. I am open to any questions you wish to ask. The next part of the process is for us to engage in a friendly discussion. (Please see the 'Im interested, what's next?' section below).

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I'm interested, what's next?

This is a good time to have a friendly discussion about your requirements and to establish an agreement on how we intend to proceed and to get on with producing an original abstract artwork for you.

We will define our timescale, think about delivery logistics, fees and payment and I will happily discuss any other questions you may have.

You can contact me directly.  

Mobile: 07740 471 883



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