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Purchasing a painting

The purpose of this website is to provide a space to showcase my portfolio, to provide insight and to help you contact me directly.  I continually work to develop my abstract art portfolio throughout the year,  giving priority to commissioned work.  I base my prices around an hourly rate, also taking into account materials and delivery costs.

Purchases can be made via BACS payment transfer directly through me.


All sales will include a receipt of purchase and a certificate of authentication for each painting.


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Making a purchase

Presenting my portfolio of abstract paintings showcases the pieces that are available to purchase as well as insight to techniques that I introduce and the developing styles that I adopt, which in turn bring you closer to understanding my creative process and influences.

You are also able to view paintings that have been sold, are out on tour or on loan. The paintings that are on loan or on tour are available to purchase, but the timing of their availability requires consideration. There are formal lead times involved in the retrieval process, particularly for those paintings on tour. If you are interested in purchasing any of these paintings, please contact me for more details regarding availability. All the paintings on loan or on tour are very well cared for and protected to ensure they remain in perfect condition.


I appreciate that it can be frustrating to discover a painting that you 

particularly like, to find it is not immediately available or previously sold.  The nature of how my creative process unfolds ensures originality for each piece of work, but you may wish to commission a new abstract painting of a similar nature or specific size, that is inspired by a piece that you like.  Alternatively, you can consider the option to purchase a print version, which I can provide on request.

If you have any purchase requests, please feel free to complete the 'Purchase or pricing query' form below or contact me directly via email or phone (Mobile and email details at the bottom of this page).

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